Wonder Penny - Pennies for Change
Wonder Penny - Pennies for Change

Wonder Penny - Pennies for Change


I'm bringing Wonder to the lineup, represented by Briar Rose. All profit is donated to the Organization for Autism Research, better known as OAR.

OAR is dedicated to improving the lives of everyone affected by autism by supporting research that produces meaningful and practical results. OAR also keeps families, educators, self-advocates, and professionals informed by delivering free, evidence-based resources and information everyday.

This listing is for shipping/production cost for the Wonder Penny.  This purchase guarantees your spot for the Wonder Penny.  Once you have purchased please send your donation of $15.00 to the Organization for Autism Research, better known as OAR.  Link is below for donations.


After you have the donation receipt please email me at monocacybottompins@gmail.com with a copy your donation receipt and order number and I will ship your Wonder Penny!  

I know this is a few extra steps to get a pin, but this ensures that you know your money is going exactly where it's supposed to, and less fees from me being a middle man are taken from the total donation.


Art by the amazing @judyblu27

This is a collaboration with @thechocolateminnie, please give her a follow.  She is an amazing person and makes stunning pins where everyone is represented!



Only left in stock