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Smug Boy & the Squid - Top Pin
Smug Boy & the Squid - Top Pin
Smug Boy & the Squid - Top Pin

Smug Boy & the Squid - Top Pin

Art by Charlie Hope Wilkinson @charlietheblueberry

Details: Smug Boy & the Squid - Top Pin

2.5" hard enamel pin featuring pearl enamel, screenprint details with a custom back stamp.


Please note all products are handmade and no product is 100% perfect. Each is uniquely made by hand therefor some products can vary especially when adding effects. Almost every step of the pin manufacturing process is handled by a person, not a machine. So understand that a "flawless" pin is nearly impossible to acquire. So this is the general outline of how I grade each pin:

Standard Grade/A Grade: Free of major defects but may contain slight imperfections that are only visible upon close-up inspection and/or from looking at the pin under certain lighting or from a specific angle. Standard grades may have flaws that can only be seen by tilting under a lightsource, or cannot be seen once held at arms length. Standard Grade can contain minor manufacturing beauty marks that ranges from superficial lines to minor visual non-impactful marks this occurs during manufacturing  

B Grade: May contain slightly more noticeable flaws. Examples include air bubbles, pin pricks, stray paint/glitter specs, scratches, metal plating defects (excluding backs) or low filled enamel, random specs of dirt, dust, glitter, fibers.  

C Grade: C grades, or flawed pins, may have multiple of the flaws outlined in B grades, more noticeable damage like punctures, or a face flaw such as minor misprint or imperfect enamel. I will not sell pins that are badly damaged, especially in the face, so these flaws shouldn't be a massive distraction from the overall pin.

Option Gold Variant - Standard

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