Magic Luck Potion

Magic Luck Potion

Art by @charlietheblueberry

3” gold plated, hard enamel, pearl enamel, translucent enamel, & gold glitter with screenprint and a custom backstamp on a backing card.

Please note all products are handmade and no product is 100% perfect. Each is uniquely made by hand therefore some products can vary especially when adding effects.

This is an open preorder and minimal extras will be ordered to account for flaws so if you are looking to add this to your collection please order during the sale as there are no guarantees there will be any available in hand. This sale will remain open for a week closing on June 1st 2023 at 11:59PM

A grades will be sent to the earliest orders first, meaning that if there's not enough A grades to fulfill all orders, B grades will be sent to fulfill remaining orders.

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