Folklore x Ginny - Dawn Variant - LE 75

Folklore x Ginny - Dawn Variant - LE 75

Art by Charlie Hope @charlietheblueberry 


Limited edition of 75 - 3.25” enamel pin with raised and recessed gold metal, pearl and translucent enamel, screenprint, & custom backstamp with two heart rubber backings for a secure and soft grip with a custom backing card!

Please note all products are handmade and no product is 100% perfect. Each is uniquely made by hand therefore some products can vary especially when adding effects.  For this design specifically there are slight variations in the screen print around the castle turrets.  

Standard Grade: Free of major defects but may contain slight imperfections that are only visible upon close-up inspection and/or from looking at the pin under certain lighting or from a specific angle. Standard Grade can contain minor manufacturing beauty marks that range from superficial lines to minor visual non-impactful marks this occurs during manufacturing.

B Grade: May contain slightly more noticeable flaws. Examples include air bubbles, pinpricks, stray paint/glitter specs, scratches, metal plating defects (excluding backs), random specs of dirt, dust, glitter, fibers.

C Grade: May contain a mix of more noticeable flaws noted in B Grade.

Option Standard Grade

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