A Gilded Year - Summer - PRESALE

A Gilded Year - Summer - PRESALE

Art by Andrea Meier @missmikopete


Pin is approximately 4 inches in height with a gold metal finish, pin on pin with translucent sandblast enamel, pearl enamel, raised and recessed metal, custom backstamp, screenprint, and gemstones according to the birthstone for each month placed in each corner. Each pin comes with two rubber backings for a secure and soft grip on a custom backing card! Please note all products are handmade and no product is 100% perfect. Each is uniquely made by hand therefor some products can vary especially when adding effects.

Disclaimer: This is a pre-sale/pre-order, which means these pins are not in hand. These pins should take less than 6 months to be manufactured however timing varies! Please do not order if you are uncomfortable with this idea! Please do not combine presale purchases with in hand pins. In hand pins will be held until the entire order can be fulfilled. Thank you!


Option Standard Grade

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