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Art by Hya Lawas @hi.ya.hya




Details: 3.32" with a gold metal finish. Pin on pin with translucent enamel, pearl enamel, custom backstamp, screenprint, and regular hard enamel. Each pin comes with two rubber backings for a secure and soft grip on a backing card!


**Please read as these are some changes being implemented to my presales**


The edition size is an estimate based on initial interest in the design. The edition size may decrease should spots not get filled however will not exceed the number in the listing. If enough spots are not sold to cover the majority of the production cost it may be canceled and refunded. Presales are filled in order of receipt. This means standard grades are filled to the first orders placed and if there are not enough standard they will be filled with B grade. I typically only have a handful of B grades but want to make sure you are aware of this change in how I presell. I would not sell a pin I would not be comfortable putting on my own board and most can attest to the quality of my B grade pins. Please do not order presales if you are not comfortable with this change.


Disclaimer: This is a pre-sale/pre-order, which means these pins are not in hand. These pins should take less than 6 months to be manufactured however timing varies! Please do not order if you are uncomfortable with this idea! 

Meet Me at the Park - Carousel - Presale


 Please do not combine presale purchases with in hand pins or multiple presales from different listings in one order.


If you combine these orders I will invoice for additional shipping and your order will not ship until this is paid. Thank you for understanding!

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