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Frog Point Rewards


For every purchase made in my shop, you will be given points that can be redeemed for different shopping rewards. You can keep track of these points by creating an account on the store site and utilizing the floating icon that has the frog and says Monocacy Reward Pond in the lower right corner. The rate is 5 points for every dollar spent.

There are a few options currently to redeem points including $ off and % off.  When you redeem these a code will automatically be added to your cart or you can save the code for another time. 

Occasionally, a pin will be added exclusively to the point reward program. Here's a list of commonly asked questions and answers regarding these rewards:

- How many points do I need to get a pin reward?

Currently included pins will be available for 2,550 points to redeem at retail ($75), or 3,550 points to receive for free, except for the cost of shipping. Points needed may increase or decrease depending on the designs offered.

- Can I redeem for more than one pin if I have the points?

You can't redeem for more than one of the same design. Each design is limited to one redemption per account. However, you can redeem for other reward pin designs as they become available.

- Can I purchase the pin instead of accumulating points?

The pins will be listed at $700 each, because I have to put a value on the listing.
This does not mean you can or should buy it outright. Please honor the reward system in place.

- What happens if I redeemed for a specific pin, but it went out of stock?

Please email me at and I will issue a point refund for any unused reward coupons. You can get the points back to save for a different reward release!

- Do I need to copy and paste the coupon into the discount box at checkout?

No, it should automatically apply at checkout after redemption, as long as you are redeeming and buying in the same shopping session. Regardless, PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK THE ORDER BEFORE CONFIRMING. Make sure your discount is applied. Any accidental full charges will be refunded, however it's very inconvenient for both you and me.

- I accidentally redeemed the wrong reward, am I out of luck?

No, please email me at and I will refund the accidental redemption as long as the coupon isn't used.

- Can a drop buddy help me with a reward pin?

Only if you both have the necessary points in your individual accounts. If you do choose to have a drop buddy, that deal is between the both of you and not my responsibility.

- Can I give my points to my friend?

No. If you have enough points to redeem a reward, you can absolutely gift that to a friend by redeeming the pin with your own points and use their shipping address. But I will not transfer points from your account to your friend's account.